G is a drug which can give you a high with small doses and sedation with only slightly higher doses. Taking G can result in feelings of euphoria, reduced inhibitions and drowsiness. G is commonly sold in plastic bottles or containers.


The effects will vary from person to person and will depend on how much is consumed. A euphoric dose for one person may be a sedative dose for another.


The effects can begin about 20 minutes after consuming and may last up to four hours. A dose of G can make a person feel chilled out, horny, and/or mildly high. Too much G can leave a person dizzy, confused, drowsy or vomiting. G use can also result in seizures, coma and death.


G is physically addictive and dependence can develop very quickly or from regular use over a period of time. Dependence can mean that people will experience withdrawal symptoms when you reduce or stop using, which can be severe or life threatening.


In certain situations, people may require inpatient treatment for G dependence. It is not advised that a person suddenly stops taking G themselves or attempts to self-detox. Withdrawal should be a slow, tapered process, with medical supervision of a doctor.

Going Under

With G, there’s only a small difference in the dose that produces the ‘desired effect’ and the dose which could result in ‘going under’. Basically, it is very easy to overdose on G.


G has a delayed onset which means it can take longer than expected to kick in. An additional risk is that someone may take a dose, think nothing is happening, and then take another dose. This can lead to going under accidentally.


Common signs of overdose can include: confusion; vomiting; dizziness; seizure; temperature; agitation; hallucination; difficulty breathing and coma.

Sexual Assault & Consent

G is increasingly used as a drug to facilitate sex. G can leave a person incoherent or comatose (gone under), so they are unable to give their sexual consent. Whether a person unknowingly or willingly takes G, they are at risk of sexual assault. This can mean that people who use G in clubs or at sex parties are at risk of assault.

Safer Sex Advice

Using G can increase a person’s sex drive, this may increase the chances of having unprotected sex and increasing the risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


Be prepared – carry condoms with you – particularly if you know you will be using G. Only use a condom once. Never reuse it. Get tested regularly for HIV and other STIs.

7 Tips for Safe G Use

It is always safest not to take unknown or illicit drugs. However, if you do decide to take G, remember:


Always use as low a dose of G as possible and wait 4 hours before re-dosing.


Never swig from the bottle or accept pre-prepared G from someone else.


Avoid mixing with alcohol. Mix G with water, soft drinks or juice.


Avoid using G with other drugs.


As unconsciousness can occur, try to have one sober friend or one friend who isn’t using G.


Use with people you can trust in a safe environment.


G increases libido and lowers inhibitions, so always carry extra condoms.


Support and Services

List of services and further information at www.drugs.ie/ghb

or from the drugs helpline: Freefone 1800 459 459

or download leaflet here.