What To Do If… There Was No Consent?

What To Do If… There Was No Consent?

Consent is an agreement between you and those you are having sex with that all involved definitely want to have sex, or engage in a sexual act. All partners need to fully and clearly agree to it, and it must be continuous for the duration of sex. That means that anyone involved has the right to change their mind at any time throughout the activity.


Consent should be freely given, enthusiastic, clearly communicated and ongoing throughout. Never assume consent.


If you were intoxicated or passed out, you cannot consent to sex. Just because you were drinking or doing drugs does not mean you consented to sex.


However, sometimes sex happens without consent. If this happens to you should:


Know it is not your fault
It is not your fault that someone chose to ignore your refusal to give consent, did not stop when you withdrew consent or took advantage of you when you were unable to give consent. You have the right to get support and help.


Contact support services
It can be confusing to know what to do. There are a number of places to get help. These sexual assault services can help you decide what you need to do too and give you emotional support. 


Sexual Assault Treatment Units (SATU)


There are six Sexual Assault Treatment Units (SATUs) in Ireland. They provide specialist care for women and men aged fourteen years and over who have recently been sexually assaulted or raped.


Rape Crisis Network FREEPHONE: 1800 778888


Offer a confidential, 24-hour telephone helpline, 7 days a week staffed by trained counsellors who are available to listen to you and any concerns you may have in regard to issues of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment or childhood sexual abuse.