G is a drug which can give you a high with small doses and sedation with only slightly higher doses. Taking G can result in feelings of euphoria, reduced inhibitions and drowsiness. G is commonly sold in plastic bottles or containers.


The effects will vary from person to person and will depend on how much is consumed. A euphoric dose for one person may be a sedative dose for another.

The effects can begin about 20 minutes after consuming and may last up to four hours. A dose of G can make a person feel chilled out, horny, and/or mildly high. Too much G can leave a person dizzy, confused, drowsy or vomiting. G use can also result in seizures, coma and death.


G is physically addictive and dependence can develop very quickly or from regular use over a period of time. Dependence can mean that people will experience withdrawal symptoms when you reduce or stop using, which can be severe or life threatening.

In certain situations, people may require inpatient treatment for G dependence. It is not advised that a person suddenly stops taking G themselves or attempts to self-detox. Withdrawal should be a slow, tapered process, with medical supervision of a doctor.

Going Under

With G, there’s only a small difference in the dose that produces the ‘desired effect’ and the dose which could result in ‘going under’. Basically, it is very easy to overdose on G.

G has a delayed onset which means it can take longer than expected to kick in. An additional risk is that someone may take a dose, think nothing is happening, and then take another dose. This can lead to going under accidentally.

Common signs of overdose can include: confusion; vomiting; dizziness; seizure; temperature; agitation; hallucination; difficulty breathing and coma.

What should I do if someone “goes under” on G?

If someone overdoses on G, ‘goes under’ and are unconscious:

  • It is important to put the person in the recovery position and call an ambulance
  • There is no reason to be afraid to get help so do not put off calling an ambulance if someone has overdosed
  • Remember, an overdose can transition from unconsciousness to coma and death very quickly
  • Remember, the ambulance service are not the Gardaí, they are not interested in getting anyone in trouble. Give them the remaining G (and/or other drugs taken) so that they know how to assist the person
  • If someone goes under while on G they are not in control of what is happening to them, it is important not to let anyone have sex with another person who is unconscious, as this is rape.
  • Make sure to look after the person so they are not involved in sex they cannot consent to.

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