Safer Injecting

If you are injecting or ‘slamming’ your drugs, it is important to know how to do it in the safest possible way. Merchants Quay Ireland have created a booklet on safer injecting practices which you can download here. It includes information on safer injecting practices and types of injecting. Advice on how to find a vein and the equipment that should be used. Recommendations on how to best care for your veins, avoiding vein damage and when you may need to seek help.

Tips on safe injecting

Get your own injecting equipment from your local needle exchange. Injecting equipment means needles, syringes, water, spoons, filters and any other aspect of injecting paraphernalia.

Use your own equipment once only and dispose of it carefully

Don’t lend or borrow used equipment to or from anybody (including sexual partners).

Don’t inject alone. Try to do it with other people around, and try to make sure you all know what to do in an emergency.

Viruses can also live in snorting equipment e.g. straws. Don’t share these when snorting your drugs.

Support & Services

List of support services including free needle and equipment exchanges at or from the drugs helpline: Freefone 1800 459 459