What To Do If… I Can’t Remember Last Night?

Blacking out can happen when a person drinks too much alcohol, does certain drugs, or combines drugs and alcohol. In some situations, you may have voluntarily taken drugs or drank a lot and ended up hooking up with someone. In this case, you may have concerns that the sex was unprotected.

In other situations, you may have blacked out because someone slipped drugs in your drink or took advantage of you when you were drunk or high. If you were intoxicated or passed out, you were not able to give consent to sex.


If you had unprotected anal sex (or you think you may have) there is medication that you can take within 72 hours to reduce your chances of getting HIV.

Get Tested

If you are not sure that you had sex, you may be worried about STIs. Getting tested will help you know for sure if you have an STI, even if there are no symptoms. You should wait for at least 2 weeks before getting a test. You shouldn’t have sex during these two weeks.

Find out where you can get tested

If you have had sex with someone who has an STI, you should go to an STI clinic as soon as possible. If your partner has tested positive for an STI, you will be offered testing and may be given medications to treat the STI whether or not you have symptoms.

Get counselling and Emotional Support

Not knowing what happened to you can be upsetting. If you are worried or upset to the point that it is disrupting your everyday life, it can help to find someone you trust to talk to. See our section on support and services for more information.

Tests: what you need to know